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Total Stewardship Parish

Over the years, St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church has embraced the idea of becoming a total stewardship parish.

Each of us has been entrusted by God with gifts, in the form of our time, talent, and treasure. Stewardship is the grateful response of a Christian disciple who recognizes and receives God’s gifts and shares these gifts in love of God and neighbor.

As a total stewardship parish, we proclaim and practice stewardship all year long. Stewardship of treasure takes the form of a commitment to share in the financial health of the parish and its ministries. We invite you to make a commitment of financial support.

Stewardship Commitment Form

Time & Talent

Stewardship of time and talent involves giving back to God through prayer and service. Each parish ministry offers many opportunities to offer your time and talent in service to Christ and His Church through our parish.

We invite you to sign up for a new volunteer opportunity at our parish.

Volunteer Opportunities

What Is Tithing?

Tithing is the expectation to offer a portion (typically 10%) of your income in thanksgiving back to God. It reminds us to keep God first in our lives, to live unselfishly, and to give freely without expecting anything back in return.

How do we tithe?

If you are new to tithing, it may be challenging to begin giving 10% of your income back to God. It is important to start with some percentage. Begin by giving a gift which is planned, proportionate, and sacrificial.

After you determine what percentage you are currently giving, see if you can increase that by at least a small percent. If you can increase your giving every year, you will eventually reach a full tithe of 10%.

Tithing is a huge step. If you wait until you feel you are financially ready, you may never take the step towards tithing. Place your trust in God. He will always provide you with all that you need and with enough to give you back a generous share.

Weekly Percentage Giving Guide

Annual Income Weekly Income 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 10%
$31,200 $600 $6 $12 $18 $24 $30 $60
$62,400 $1,200 $12 $24 $36 $48 $60 $120
$93,600 $1,800 $18 $36 $54 $72 $90 $180
$124,800 $2,400 $24 $48 $72 $96 $120 $240
$156,000 $3,000 $30 $60 $90 $120 $150 $300
$187,200 $3,600 $36 $72 $108 $144 $180 $360

Online Giving

Please consider using online giving to set up your tithe with us this year. Your consistent support, especially in a recurring gift, allows us to make commitments to grow our ministries and serve the people who rely on them.

  1. Click Give Online from our website
  2. Enter your donation amount and recurrence
  3. Enter your payment type and account information

After your first donation, sign in to your account for future access.

Financial Report

Other Ways to Give

For more information on other ways to give, see Support Our Parish


Please contact the parish office at or 608-271-7421.

Support Our Parish

In gratitude for God’s generosity, we dedicate a sacrificial portion of our gifts of time, talent, and treasure to serve Christ and His Church by supporting the needs of our parish.