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School Uniforms


Uniforms are available from Land’s End and SMG Gorettiwear is available year round in the school office. Uniform re-sale closet is available all year during school hours.

Land’s End website is Please refer to our School Number: 900108523

Uniform Policy

  • Visible clothing must be uniform clothing, or the child will be asked to change.
  • If students choose to wear exposed shoes (ie-flip-flops, sandals), they must stay off the wood chips for safety purposes.
  • Acceptable sock, legging, and tights colors are: (solid only), White, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Tan, Black, Gray. This applies to boys and
  • Skirt and Short length must be approx. two inches above knee.

We encourage families to plan ahead and use SCRIP Program to purchase uniforms. This helps in two ways: the school will receive a percentage of each purchase (17% - Lands End) and each family can receive a tuition credit based on the amount of SCRIP that is purchased.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 608-271-7551 or

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