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Coaches Agreement Form

St. Maria Goretti Coaches Code of Conduct

The coach has the role of first and foremost of a good role model. Coaches need to recognize that the main goals are to make the athletic program fun for the players, emphasize teamwork, emphasize good sportsmanship and support self esteem.

Coach’s Responsibilities:

  1. Coaches are selected by the Athletic Association Board. Coaches may be asked to participate in determining team composition.
  2. Coaches are responsible for upholding all policies set forth by the Athletic Association Board, the school Principal/Athletic Director, and the Madison Area Independent Sports League (MAISL). Any questions or issues with SMG Athletics related to MAISL must go through the SMG MAISL rep and/or the Athletic Director.
  3. Coaches must act in a respectful manner toward players, parents, fellow coaches (including shaking hands after game), officials, Athletic Board, Athletic Director and school staff. Arguing with officials before, during or after games is unacceptable.
  4. Coaches must have a parent meeting at the start of each sport for each season.
  5. Coaches are responsible for all team practices and game activities in consultation with and guidance by the SMG Athletic Director. Coaches should make all attempts possible to start a volleyball game with 6 players and a softball game with 8 players.
  6. Coaches are responsible for arranging team practice schedules and informing parents of practice beginning and ending times. Coaches are responsible for supervision of students from the scheduled beginning to the end of practice times. Note: If males coaches are coaching a girls team a VIRTUS trained female must be present at all practices. If females are coaching a boys team a VIRTUS trained male must be present at all practices. There must be two adults present at each practice.
  7. The coach assumes the role of "instructor" for basic skills in the sport he/she is coaching. Coaches should encourage their players to shake hands with a smile regardless of a win or loss. Athletes should also be encouraged to shake officials hands and say thank you after each game.
  8. Coaches will organize and coach the team within the program philosophy and goals. Coaches will organize two practices a week that are fun and challenging for the athletes. Coaches are responsible for informing the parent(s) of any student athlete who is not following the rules of conduct and for working with the parent(s) and Athletic Director to determine the discipline that may be needed. No abusive behavior/contact of any kind is acceptable between coaches and student athletes.
  9. Coaches must have in their possession the medical release forms of each athlete at all practices and games. Coaches may not allow an athlete to practice or participate in a game without all the required forms.
  10. Coaches are responsible for equipment, keys, and first-aid kits, which are issued to them. Coaches will work with the designated Athletic Director to obtain and return equipment, first-aid supplies, and facility keys.
  11. Coaches are reminded of the philosophy and goals of the SMG athletic program. All coaches are expected to model good sportsmanship at all SMG athletic events. They are expected to conduct themselves in such a way as to reflect positively on themselves, their families, SMG Catholic Parish School and the team.
  12. Coaches and volunteers that will be working with student athletes are required to have VIRTUS Training before any participation with student athletes can take place. Coaches are also required to submit necessary information for a background check.
  13. Coaches are asked to communicate weekly with their team regarding the upcoming schedule.
  14. Before a coach may purchase special gifts that would be special to a team, please clear it with the Athletic Director and/or principal.

I have read, understand and agree to adhere to the conduct, considerations and responsibilities required for St. Maria Goretti coaches.  I agree to follow the rules, policies, procedures and regulations stated in the Athletic Handbook and to fully support my fellow coaches and student athletes. I understand that failure to comply with any of the above codes may result in game suspension(s) and possibly being removed from coaching.

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Coach Agreement Form

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