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Family Handbook

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Wellness Policy & Snack List

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Bus Information

The Madison Metropolitan Public School District provides bus service for the children in grades kindergarten through five, who live at least one and one-half miles from the school and are in the St. Maria Goretti School attendance area; middle school families may ride the bus if there is room on the bus for them and they live in the attendance area. The bus company serving St. Maria Goretti Catholic School is: Badger Bus Company.

General regulations of the Madison Metropolitan Public School District:

Parents and pupils must assume that school bus transportation is a privilege to the student, not a right. Pupils who misbehave may be denied the privilege of riding the bus. Drivers are responsible for the maintenance of order among children being transported. It is the duty of the driver to immediately report disruptive behavior to the principal of the school that the student attends.

No passengers are allowed except those authorized to ride. Requests for variations in routes or stops is determined by the Madison Metropolitan School District and the bus company and may not be able to be granted.

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Student Safety

Preparing for the Weather/Morning Dropoff & Afternoon Pickup

Following are some guidelines SMG uses to ensure the safety of our students.

Dress - In the morning, please prepare your child for cold weather. Areas of the body vulnerable to exposure to the cold should be covered (i.e. head, neck, hands, feet, etc.). In order to play on the snow at morning drop-off and/or recess, children in grades K-5 must have snowpants and boots. Middle School students must have boots. Without this clothing, children must stay on the blacktop only.

Morning Drop-off - School begins at 7:40, with the tardy bell ringing at 7:47.  It is necessary that students be regular and punctual in attendance.  A child is considered tardy if he/she is not in the classroom by 7:47 a.m.  There will be no supervision prior to 7:25 a.m.  For this reason children are not to come to school early.

After School - No child will be permitted to leave the grounds with another child or adult without written permission from his/her parents.

We request all K-8 parents who choose to pick up their child to wait outside the school entrance. Early Childhood parents may enter the building.  Teachers in grades K-4  will escort their children to exit the school building.  5th-8th grade students will be dismissed out the middle school doors and proceed to the playground.

Weather-related Closing

If SMG closes due to weather or other emergency, the Red Alert System will be implemented; parents will receive phone calls and emails informing them of the circumstances.

If the Madison Public Schools are closed, St. Maria Goretti Catholic School will also be closed.  However, St. Maria Goretti does reserve the right to make its own decision about closing.  If severe weather conditions develop during the day, listen to the radio and television for announcements. Parents may pick up their children early after contacting the school office. 

CBS -WISC-3 (Cable 9)
ABC -WKOW- 27(Cable 7)
NBC 15 - WMTV (Cable 5)