Mission Trip (1)

Reflections From Our

Middle School Mission Experience

June 28-July 1, 2017

Around the Madison Area

On June 28-July 1, 16 middle school students and adult leaders from our parish participated in a local mission experience through Love Begins Here. Love Begins Here is our diocesan- led missionary program that hosts local mission trips throughout the Diocese of Madison. Our SMG group stayed at Queen of Peace parish and served in a variety of ways and locations around the Madison area.


After a couple of days of prayer and service projects, our car group expressed sadness that their time with Love Begins Here was winding down already. They had given up electronics and comfortable sleeping conditions, and encountered experiences outside their comfort zone, but they still wanted more. They experienced first-hand how small acts done with great love can brighten someone’s day and in return bring true happiness to themselves. Working with the teen missionaries pulling weeds, raking branches, and visiting with elderly residents filled me with such hope for the future generation.
-Adult Leader


I had an incredible time at Love Begins Here! I was so inspired by the teens- they were so willing to make sacrifices and open themselves up to new experiences. The talks from the core team were amazing and their energy was contagious! We had a blast dancing, playing games, and working hard. The highlight for me was seeing the teens grow in their faith and apply what they learned in service.
-Adult Leader


My experience at Love Begins Here was great! I learned more about my faith and more about what I can do to serve others! I had so much fun with the activities that the team planned and I had so much fun helping others! It makes me feel so good knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life. The smiles on the people’s faces were priceless. I made new friends and made new memories. This experience has shown me how lucky I am to have the things I have. This trip has made a difference for me and I hope it makes a difference for you if you ever are able to participate.


Love Begins Here was fun for the little time I had to give to the mission. I had a lot of fun helping the elderly and making their day much brighter. I look back on my work and I’m proud of what I accomplished. Thank you, Love Begins Here, I will never forget this. 


Coming into this, I was not expecting to have fun. But I had fun. It was fun to watch the reaction on the faces of the people we helped. It brought me closer to God. Helping the less fortunate than me shows me how grateful I should be. It was a great experience at Love Begins Here.

This was my second year at Love Begins Here. Both times it has impacted my life in different ways. This summer, I learned that small things make a big difference, like pulling weeds or painting a railing. When I saw the people I was helping be so joyful, it made me feel so good. I have made new friends and memories. The core team was so funny, kind, and compassionate. I am so excited to come next year.


It was ok, the food is good. We played games and partied and served. We went to Mass. God is the most fun. 

Love Begins Here has taught me many things. It has taught me that the little things like weeding someone’s garden or putting food away at St. Vinny’s can mean so much to the people who you are doing it for. The joy on people’s faces when they see what you’ve done to help them with anything that they needed was the best present of all. Love Begins Here made me realize that doing small things with great love makes the biggest difference in others’ lives.


I thought that Love Begins Here was a great way to grow spiritually and mentally. You get to help people and you get to go to Mass and Confession. The real gift is to see the look on people’s faces once you are done with the service.


Overall, I thought that being here was great including activities and having the chance to meet new people. Also, having the opportunities to help others around WI and getting to know more people in your area was great.


I had the opportunity to participate in Love Begins Here at Queen of Peace. My group did a lot of service work throughout our week. Our car group was really fun and we had a blast helping others. I learned so much in these few days, especially to do little things with great love.


There have been so many memories here at Love Begins Here. We went around the Madison area and did lots of volunteer work. We had a great car group that bonded together over Hurts Donuts. I learned to do little things with great love.


During my time at Love Begins Here, I have expanded my understanding of love. The relationships that I have formed in only a few short days will stick with me. I have also learned so much more about service. I have done Love Begins Here once before and had a wonderful experience both times. Helping those who are not as blessed as I am has shown me how grateful I should be for all my blessings. Knowing that my small acts of service that I do here and beyond will change some people is great. Maybe I personally will not make an impact on everyone who is affected by my acts, but I hope that I can make an impact on a fraction of those people. I hope that the love that is shared at Love Begins Here can be shared by many more people in the future.


During my time at Love Begins Here, I have grown to serve the community and to do it with LOVE. I have had the opportunity to do small things, but they mean a lot in God’s eyes. I have made bonds with friends and have taken away many great life lessons. I will never forget Love Begins Here because it has helped my relationship with God grow much stronger. I am forever grateful for this wonderful time at Love Begins Here.