Confirmation Preparation

Sacraments are movements of God in our lives. But sacraments also presume that movement and change are also going on in the life of the person experiencing the sacrament. All sacraments are both rituals/ceremonies and ways of life, which precede and follow the ritual.

Each individual teen is responsible to determine his or her own readiness through prayer, reflection and dialogue with their family, sponsors and catechists. The age of the person cannot be the main determining factor of readiness.

Confirmation is not about deciding to be Catholic. By virtue of one’s baptism, they are already Catholic. Confirmation, a sacrament of initiation, completes baptism. Confirmation is more about a teen responding to God’s generous outpouring of love and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

For celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation a teen should:

Be able to freely request the Sacrament of Confirmation and give reasons for doing so.

Regularly attend and participate in Mass and the sacraments of Eucharist & Reconciliation.

Have an adequate grasp of the basic content of the Catholic faith.

Be open to growth in their faith & opportunities for Christian service.

Be able to recognize that he/she is a unique individual with gifts to offer, and begin to assume the responsibility for ministry and service to the parish, the Church and the world.

In addition to the above, each teen is expected to:
  • Regularly attend and participate in two years of the program (this includes Catholic HS students).
    • There will be make-up opportunities for each session missed.
    • Teens entering their Sophomore year w/out attending their freshmen year will be confirmed in the spring of their junior year.
  • Carry out 25 hours of Community Service each of the two years.
    • Up to half of the hours can be done in the summer.
    • Teens are to keep track of their hours on the Service Hour Sheet (click for PDF)
  • Attend a Confirmation Retreat:
    • In the second year of the program, teens attend one of the two Confirmation Retreat weekends. Teens must attend the entire retreat and not arrive late or leave early.
    • There is an additional fee for the retreat.
  • Turn in a copy of their Baptismal Certificate:
    • If the teen was not baptized at St. Maria Goretti, they are to obtain a baptismal certificate and turn it in to the Religious Ed. Office in the school.
    • For those baptized at St. Maria Goretti, please provide the date of baptism to the RE office.
  • Choose a Sponsor and Confirmation Name
  • Teens will be asked to submit this information their second year
  • Teens are to meet with their Sponsors six times:
    • Teens should meet with their sponsors for prayer and discussion three times before Christmas and three times after Christmas.
    • Materials to help you and your sponsor with your discussions will be mailed to you both.
  • Write a Letter to the Pastor and the Bishop:
    • Teens state in their own words why they want to be confirmed, how and where they have grown in their faith over the last two years, and how they plan to continue to serve the church and others through their confirmation.
  • Attend the Confirmation Practice.
    • After the bishop notifies the parish of our Confirmation date, we will schedule a date for practice.
    • The teen should be at the practice. Their sponsor is invited to come if they can. If the sponsor can not attend the practice, then one of the parents is asked to attend and pass the information on to the sponsor.