First Communion

Girls wear a white dress with white dress shoes and nylons/tights or white anklets. Veils are optional. If girls choose to wear gloves, they should remove them before communion and leave them in their pew.

Boys wear a light colored dress shirt with a tie, dress pants and dress shoes with optional jacket, vest or sweater.

The first 10 to 12 rows on each side of the center aisle will be reserved for First Communicants and their families. Each First Communicant will be assigned a row. (The rows closest to the altar seat fewer people.) Additional seating will be available for other family members and guests in the unreserved seats in the church.

All First Communicants should meet in the church corridor 20 minutes before the start of Mass. This allows for some quiet time and ample time to get the students lined up for the procession. Those seated with the First Communicant should be in their designated row 10 minutes before the start of Mass.

Each First Communion Mass will have a procession of the First Communicants. Students will process with Father according to their seating assignments.

Family members who regularly serve in a liturgical ministry role (server, lector, commentator, greeter, usher) are welcome to assist in the First Communion Liturgy. If you'd like to assist and have not yet contacted us, please call 271-8081. The children do not assume these roles.

In keeping with our parish custom, children will prepare for and have the opportunity to receive both the Body and Blood of Christ. Whether your child chooses to partake in the Blood of Christ is a family decision. We encourage you to discuss this with your child and allow him/her to have a small taste of wine prior to First Communion in order to prepare for the taste should the child receive the Blood of Christ.

We encourage parents to take photographs at the First Communion Dress Rehearsal (date TBA). Our parish photographer will arrange the children for group photographs, and parents are welcome to take pictures at that time. In addition, the priests will be available to pose with your child that morning.

On the day of First Communion, we ask, out of respect for the sacredness of the Sacrament, that you refrain from interrupting the flow of the Liturgy with picture taking. Cameras and video cameras are not to be used within 10 feet of the reception of First Holy Communion, nor are they to be used on or above the steps of the sanctuary. Of course, after the Mass, you may take family photos or videos.

Web sites that sell First Communion items from rosaries and prayer books to First Communion clothing. We do not endorse any of these companies, but provide them to you as a resource only. /,356.html