Rev. Robert Evenson

Rev. Robert Evenson, Pastor

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Deacon Jerome Buhman

Deacon Jerome Buhman, Director of Pastoral Care, Coordinator of Library

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Rev. Anthony Thirumalareddy

Rev. Anthony Thirumalareddy, Parochial Vicar

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Deacon Dick Martin

Deacon Dick Martin, Social Concerns and Outreach Coordinator

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Rev. Drew Olson

Rev. Drew Olson, Parochial Vicar (in Rome through spring 2019)

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Sr. Denise Herrmann

Sr. Denise Herrmann, CSA, Pastoral Associate & Director of Liturgy and RCIA

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Fr. Mike  Burke

Rev. Michael Burke, Pastor Emeritus

Denise Gorman

Denise Gorman, Coordinator of Pastoral Music

608-271-7421, ext. 240
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Mike Hurtgen

Mike Hurtgen, Parish Custodian Coord. of Grounds and Landscaping

Robbin Kopp, custodian

Terri Kysely

Terri Kysely, Events Coordinator & Asst. to Dir. of Pastoral Care

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Emilia Rothgery

Emilia Rothgery, Bookkeeper

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Mark Shapleigh

Mark Shapleigh, Director of Business and Administration

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Trish Schaefer

Trish Schaefer, Parish Secretary

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Jon Silverwood

Jon Silverwood, Parish Computer Consultant

Monica Silverwood

Monica Silverwood, Payroll/School IT

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Dave Ross

Dave Ross, Pastoral Assistant to the Pastor

608-271-7421, ext. 212
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School Staff

Meet our teachers.

Liz Young

Elizabeth Young, Principal

608-271-7551, ext. 103
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Religious Education and Youth Ministry Staff

Dianne Metz

Dianne Metz, Assistant Principal

608-271-7551, ext. 124
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Beth Wilson

Beth Wilson, SMG School Secretary

608-271-7551, ext. 100
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Maria Dulli

Maria Dulli, SMG School Secretary and Youth Ministry Assistant

608-271-7551, ext. 101
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Margaret Bruenig Clark

Margaret Bruenig Clark, Director of Religious Education

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Amelia Misiak

Amelia Misiak, Director of Religious Education for Youth and Young Adults

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Ann Schuetz

Ann Schuetz, Administrative Assistant

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