Liturgy Committee/Liturgical Volunteers

The Liturgy Committee is responsible for the daily, weekly and seasonal implementation of official guidelines for the celebration of liturgy, including the liturgical environment and music

The commentator announces the opening welcome for the Mass, gives voice to the Prayer of the Faithful and delivers announcements.
Contact: John Gadow: 274-2940.



Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Many ministers are needed on weekends and holy days to help distribute Holy Communion at Mass. Special training is needed. Click here for the EMHC Schedules and signups. Contact: Mary Martin, 274-7455
Also ministers take Holy Communion to those who are unable to participate in the Mass. If you are interested in being a Home Eucharistic Minister, contact Deacon Jerome Buhman at 268-2976.


Greeters are considered ministers of hospitality; they are usually the first persons the parishioners and visitors meet as they gather for the Eucharistic celebration. Greeters welcome us and help with any reserved seating for special parish celebrations.
Contact: Diane Roberts: 845-5571

"A Smile...A Good Morning ... Because SMG has become a large parish and because large parishes tend to be impersonal, I chose to be a Greeter in order to make SMG more friendly and welcoming. Church should be a place of acceptance."
"I think it's so nice to be greeted when you come into church. New people often don't know anyone. When someone visits us at our home we welcome then at the door and invite them in. Perhaps it will brighten their day."
"You feel like you are part of the Church and make the people coming in feel comfortable in your welcome. Some of the people are shy to begin with, but when you see them often, they open up and have big smiles and response to your welcome. Pretty soon you have good friends and they start to visit a bit."
"For years I have been a greeter and have lots of friends in Church. I look forward to greet new people and make them feel comfortable."


The Minister of the Word/Lector proclaims the Scripture readings to the assembly with the intent of bringing the Word of God to life. Certain innate abilities are necessary: an adequate vocal instrument, poise, self-confidence, maturity and sensitivity to the diversity in the gathered assembly.
Contact: John Gadow: 274-2940

Many persons and talents are needed to design and install the décor of the liturgical environment for each of the liturgical seasons. At Christmas time, many hands are needed to string the lights on the Christmas trees. Whether you wish to help setup or take down decorations or if you have a talent for flower arranging, sewing, designing, or construction, we can use your help.
Contact: Sr. Denise Herrmann, 268-2960.
Also, volunteers help with dusting the sanctuary, cleaning the holy water fonts, washing and ironing the altar linens used at each Mass.
Contact Sue Luedtke, 274-6133

Musicians include instrumentalists and cantors, as well as four organized choirs: the Adult Choir that sings at the 9:00 a.m. Sunday Mass and for other special occasions; the Contemporary Choir that sings at the 11:00 a.m. Mass; the Resurrection choir that sings for funerals; SpiritSong Choir usually sings two Saturdays a month at 5:15 p.m. Mass.

For more information, contact Denise Gorman, 268-2982,

Click to read more about SMG choirs and musicians.

The sacristan sees to the preparation and set-up of all liturgical items needed for Mass and to their proper care after the Mass. The sacristan also sees to it that the servers and all other ministers have arrived and are ready for the celebration of the Mass.
Contact: Sr. Denise Herrmann, 268-2960

"I consider it an honor to serve as a sacristan. When I am preparing the various items to be used in the Mass, it gives me a special feeling and a deeper understanding of the sacrifice of the Mass. I get a feeling of satisfaction at the presentation of the gifts; again, at the consecration, knowing the chalice and cruets were ready for the priest. Being a sacristan is very rewarding. As you perform your duties you feel closer to God."

The server assists the priest during the Eucharistic celebration. Servers, both boys and girls, are accepted for training at grade five; however, older students also may ask to be trained to serve. Servers are encouraged to serve through grade twelve. Adults are also encouraged to volunteer to serve, especially for funerals and special occasions.
Contact: Scheduling - Karen McCartney, 848-9987; Training - Tom Wildenborg, 271-6913.


Ushers are considered ministers of hospitality; they are usually the first persons the parishioners and visitors meet as they gather for the Eucharistic celebration. Ushers greet, assist with seating people and making sure that the nave of the church is ready. They find presenters for the gifts of bread and wine, take up the collection, direct the communion procession, distribute the bulletins after Mass, straighten up the pews and check that the church is in order for the next Mass. Ushers also assist with any emergencies that may occur.
Contact: Bill Bremer, 273-1731


"One of the greatest aspects of SMG is the sense of community that infuses everyone in the parish when we come together. As an usher I get to not only be involved in that sense of community, but I also get to convey it to people who are at SMG for a single event or who have been members for decades. "


"I enjoy being an Usher at St. Maria Goretti because it provides me with the opportunity to meet and greet members of our parish I normally would not meet. I look forward to seeing a lot of smiling faces each Sunday that I usher. It’s always a blessing to be in the company of our Goretti family."