Father Scott's Summer Book Club

This summer, we are introducing "Father Scott's Summer Book Club." This summer's book will be one of Father Scott's favorites, Introduction to the Devout Life. We have ordered 100 books. They will be available after Masses the weekend of June 8-9, as well as the Parish Founding Mass & Ice Cream Social on June 12. Suggested donation is $5 per book. Open to all ages.

We will also meet a few times during the summer for a talk and discussion on the book. Light snacks will be provided.

Summer Book Club Dates:

Wednesday, July 17 from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall
Discussion will be on Part 1-2 of the book.

Wednesday, Aug 21 from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall
Discussion will be on Part 3-5 of the book.

About the Book

Introduction to the Devout Life
by St. Francis de Sales

Written over 400 years ago, Introduction to the Devout Life is still one of the most popular books for those pursuing holiness. St. Francis de Sales explains how to turn that desire for sanctity into resolutions that yield grace-filled results. Themes within the book include:

  • Pursuing a devout life whole-heartedly
  • Incorporating prayer and sacraments into a busy schedule
  • Growing in virtue
  • Battling wisely against temptation
  • Making spiritual progress through daily, monthly, and yearly exercises

Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or are more advanced in the spiritual life, you'll be able to apply this timeless wisdom immediately. Let St. Francis de Sales illumine the path to holiness and strengthen your desire to walk the road with the Lord.