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St. Maria Goretti Choristers

St. Maria Goretti Choristers

The St. Maria Goretti Choristers is a unique and advanced level vocal music education program for students in grades 3-8. Students will receive a thorough training in the fundamentals of music theory, sight-reading, vocal production, repertoire analysis, and leadership skills.

Choristers sing great works of art and receive opportunities to participate in liturgies, tours, retreats, concerts, and recordings. The skills that choristers develop last a lifetime and foster growth in other areas of life at a young age: faith, liturgical knowledge, leadership; commitment; focus; attention to detail; patience; teamwork; and love of service.

First-Year Students - Novice Choristers

First-year students, or Novice Choristers, are beginner level students who are seeking membership within the St. Maria Goretti Choristers. These students are given the skills and education that they will need in order to prepare them for membership in the St. Maria Goretti Choristers. Novice Choristers are not full members of the Choir until they are formally inducted by the Pastor upon recommendation by the director of music and successful completion of the White Level within the Voice for Life training scheme. Novice Choristers will sing approximately once per month with members of the St. Maria Goretti Choristers. Students needing additional training may be required to complete an additional semester as a Novice Chorister before being allowed to audition for the St. Maria Goretti Choristers.

Schedule an Audition

Auditions for the St. Maria Goretti Chorister Program (including Novice Choristers) will be held each fall and each spring (for the following school year). Students seeking admission into the St. Maria Goretti Choristers must be students of St. Maria Goretti Catholic School. Auditions are easy, child friendly, and do not require advanced preparation.

The Audition

  1. Sing simple vocal warm-ups
  2. Sing Happy Birthday
  3. Listening skills (singing back pitches played on the piano)

Schedule an Audition

Please click on the link above to schedule an audition. Membership is currently limited to twenty boys and twenty girls and will be considered first come, first served.

Standard Weekly Schedule (2022-2023)

During school year

SMG Choristers & Novice Choristers

Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • 3 - 4:15 p.m. Rehearsal

See Music Ministry Calendar


The St. Maria Goretti Choristers utilize a curriculum which is designed by the Royal School of Church Music and is utilized by church youth choirs throughout the world. As an all-inclusive vocal music education program, the VOICE for LIFE curriculum includes five levels of education which are colored coated: White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, and Yellow. Within each level are four distinct learning modules which include: Module A: Learning the Voice Well, Module B: Musical Skills and Understanding, Module C: Repertoire and Module D: Belonging to the Choir. Each module contains learning targets.

White Level

This beginner level course is normally completed in the first year of instruction while students participate in the St. Maria Goretti Novice Choristers. Novice Choristers in the white level learn the basics of music theory, vocal production and sight-reading. The coursework will give choristers the skills they need to contribute to the choir and give new singers a structure through which they can learn about life in the choral program. At the completion of the White Level, the Director of Music and the chorister’s family discuss the chorister’s progress and mutually determine if the chorister will advance to the next stage. If so, the chorister will then receive their surplice or scapular and be formally inducted by the Pastor as a full member of the St. Maria Goretti Choristers.

Light Blue Level

Students in the light blue level are typically in their second year of the program and have completed the White Level coursework. They participate fully in rehearsals and in leading the liturgy at the parish. Students in the light blue level not only rapidly build their experience by singing for parish liturgies but they also continue to strengthen and integrate their knowledge of advanced music theory through regular instruction. These students will often perform for major concerts, and special liturgies, and for concert tours.

Dark Blue Level

Students in the dark blue level are typically choristers in their third year of the program and have completed the Light Blue Level of the coursework. Students continue their instruction and receive a more advanced level training in music history, musical literacy, aural theory, and composition.

Red Level

Students in the red level are typically choristers in their fourth year of the program and have completed the Dark Blue Level of the coursework. Students continue their instruction and received advanced level training in vocal development and technique, advanced level musical theory and analysis, advanced musical history training, and receive opportunities to serve as a student leader within the choir.

Yellow Level

Students in the yellow level are the most advanced and experienced students of the SMG Chorister program. These students will typically be few in number but those that reach this level may serve as head choristers and heads of other crews that function as the student advisory board of the choir to the Director. Students will be given opportunities to continue their training and the opportunity to pursue Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards through the completion of an examination proctored by the American Exam Administrator of the Royal School of Church Music.


See Full Curriculum and Modules (PDF)

Tuition & Payment

Tuition covers approximately 39% of a chorister’s expense in the SMG Choristers program and is necessary to ensure the quality of the program. Fees pay for approximately 34 weeks of high caliber musical instruction and vocal training per season, choir activities and materials including music and folder, supplies, mailings, notices, conductor, accompanist and staff.

Tuition rates are approved by parish administration annually. Additional information regarding tuition, payment policies, fees, and discount opportunities are available on the Music Ministry Membership Handbook.

  • Novice Chorister Annual Tuition - $250
  • SMG Choristers Annual Tuition - $450
    Sibling Tuition Discount 10% off for each sibling (10% off first sibling, 20% off second sibling, etc.)

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