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Council & Commissions

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body that works in unity with the parish and pastoral staff. The council assists the pastor in identifying parish needs and helps to plan and implement parish programs and services.

Participants at council meetings include the pastor and parish staff, the school principal, the religious education director, nine members elected at large, committee chairpersons, and representatives from other parish organizations.

Parish Commissions

The six Parish Commissions are extensions of the work of the Parish Pastoral Council.

As education and faith formation are life-long processes, the vision of the Education and Faith Formation Commission is to create and implement a plan that inspires ongoing formation and life-long learning for all parishioners in the Catholic faith by identifying key programs and resources to enhance the spiritual stewardship of all and to promote a life of discipleship. In addition, it is the desire of this commission to effectively communicate with all and to reach out to inactive Catholics and non-Catholics with love, understanding and witness.


To join this commission, contact Patricia Frazak at

To volunteer to serve our Religious Education programs or become a Catechist, contact Margaret Breunig Clark at

Parish Life Commission creates a plan that will welcome, invite, and encourage involvement of our parish family in parish activities, promoting a Catholic environment and enhancing and cultivating a sense of belonging – fostering relationships by building community among all age groups.


To join this commission, contact Mike Mach at

To volunteer at parish events, contact Terri Kysely at

The purpose of the Outreach Commission is to create a plan that will bring forth God’s Kingdom by demonstrating a visible witness of Christ’s love for others by being Christ in the bigger community. The plan seeks to call parishioners to trust and serve God, to serve community by ministering to the poor and suffering, bringing hope and Christ to the world. We further strive to demonstrate and teach social justice issues, allowing parishioners to live their baptismal call to holiness.


To join this commission, contact Deacon Dick Martin at

Stewardship and Development Commission creates a plan that will proactively promote and increase the meaningful involvement of people in the mission and vision of the parish. This will accomplished by articulating the needs, expanding giving of all types, providing ongoing communication and cultivating true discipleship through commitments of Time, Talent and Treasure.


To join this commission, contact Jeff Peterson at

Vocation Commission creates a plan that will define, support, promote and foster vocations of all types in the parish. The intention of the plan is to expand the understanding of vocations, while cultivating the importance of education, prayer and discernment, and showcasing the empowering role of parents and other role models in the discernment process.


To join this commission, contact Jim Flad at

Worship and Prayer Commission gives support to the Liturgy Committee by providing to the parishioners information about the various liturgical ministries and assisting with the recruiting of liturgical ministers. The Commission aids in providing liturgical seasonal resources for home use, connecting liturgy with daily life.


To join this commission, contact Ron Riese at

To volunteer for a specific Liturgical Ministry, contact Sr. Denise Herrmann at

Support Our Parish

In gratitude for God’s generosity, we dedicate a sacrificial portion of our gifts of time, talent, and treasure to serve Christ and His Church by supporting the needs of our parish.