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Family Catechesis

Family Catechesis Program (Grade PreK-5)

This program brings parents and children together to pray, to learn the truths of the Catholic faith, and to understand and celebrate the sacraments and liturgy. Our goal is to encourage and equip parents to fulfill their God-given duty and privilege of educating their children in the Catholic faith.

How does the Family Catechesis Program work?

The Family Catechesis program is designed to allow parents to grow in their faith along with their children. Sessions will be held once per month.

At least one parent comes with his/her child/children. Parents gather to hear a presentation from an adult faith formation leader while the children go to their grade-level classrooms for an age-appropriate lesson on the same topic as their parents. Parents work with their child/children to complete the rest of the weekly lessons at home at their own convenience before the next monthly session.

Families with children eligible (Grade 2+) to begin preparation for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion will need to attend an additional monthly gathering and fulfill additional requirements. See First Holy Communion for more details.


  • Enrollment in Family Catechesis - See Religious Education
    • Attend monthly sessions
    • Pay Family Registration Fee + Per Student Fees


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Melissa Coleman
Religious Education Coordinator


Steve Davies
Coordinator of Youth Ministry

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