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Eucharistic Adoration – Peace and Healing

Eucharistic Adoration – Peace and Healing

By Kathryn Curio, SMG Parishioner and Weekly Adorer

Spending one hour a week with Jesus in front of the Holy Eucharist has prompted me to write this article to inspire fellow parishioners to make the same commitment. Last year, an article was written about Adoration which included quotes from some of the weekly adorers. Some of the quotes include:

“Adoration impacted me in several positive ways. In particular it has helped me increase my concentration while praying in Church…the profound silence and feeling the presence of the Lord in front of me…”

“Entering the church for Adoration, my mind and heart are full of worldly concern and worries. During the hours before the Lord, I feel so drawn to the Blessed Sacrament. It opens my heart and soul to incredible calmness…”

“It’s quiet in Church…”

“The weight of all I bring with me is transformed to…a feeling of love and peace needed to start anew…”

The common theme in each of the above shared experiences is silence. Silence and stillness. Stopping the noise of the world, even if only for an hour. Enjoying the peaceful tranquility in the presence of Jesus. Experiencing communion with God.

We are all in need of this peace. Peace that the world cannot give. Peace that can only come from Jesus.

While resting with Jesus is a noble end, is there another purpose? Yes. As we experience Jesus’ peace again and again, we change. As we change, we impact our families and friends, our coworkers, and others around us. It might be as simple as offering a smile or a wish for a “good day.” Perhaps it is sharing the good news of the gospel. In whatever way we impact others by our changed behavior, they too are changed. Wow! Isn’t that exciting? Through this change, we are participating in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, both by our own personal healing and through the effect of our healing on others.

Spending time with Jesus in Adoration is a gift and a responsibility. It is a gift because we can spend this time, worship freely, and connect with our Lord. It is a responsibility because we all have the duty and opportunity to build Christ’s kingdom here in our parish community. When we spend time in Adoration, we forge paths for ourselves, and others around us, to connect with our Lord.

Does this inspire you to participate in Adoration? If so, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you have about Adoration or becoming a weekly adorer. At SMG, Eucharistic Adoration is offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the church. We hope to see you in Adoration soon!

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