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What Is New in the Parish Library?

What Is New in the Parish Library?

By Carol Anacker, Library Coordinator

One of the most important things to know about the SMG Parish Library is that it is a Catholic faith-based lending library for you!

The Parish Library offers you a quiet place to read and reflect. Spending time browsing in the library is spiritually renewing and can be the best way to find a book that you may like to check out.

For those with computer access, there is an online catalog, which is a great place to explore the many books, journals, DVD’s, and CD’s prior to visiting the library. To access the online catalog, visit the Parish Library page, under Faith Formation, on our website.

A book or audiovisual item can be found on a library shelf based on the item’s subject listed in the online catalog. In the case of a book with multiple subjects listed, the item will be shelved based on the first subject listed.

The mission of the Parish Library is to enable the parish family to grow in faith and love. In order to accomplish this, the library collects materials which will enhance the prayer and spiritual life of our parishioners, support education in the Catholic Faith, and promote evangelization.

Consider setting a goal this year to visit the Parish Library or to read one of the many faith-based books!

We hope you will find resources in the Parish Library that will increase your spiritual growth and knowledge.

The library is located between the Church corridor and the Parish Hall.

Hours may vary. Generally, library access is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday before and after Masses.

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If you would like assistance searching for a specific item, please email us at We value your input. If you have any suggestions to improve our library, please reach out to us.

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