Mission Trip

On June 18, 27 high school students and adult chaperones from our parish began our mission trip in Lorain County, Ohio. While in Lorain County, we had the opportunity to repair houses and work at local service organizations. We spent time with the community members as we listened to their stories, played with the children and prayed together. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Lorain County. Parishioners, thank you for your generous financial support and for your prayers.



My overall experience with the mission trip was amazing. I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved how God gave me the opportunity to give back to the community. This was my first mission trip and I felt like we really left a mark on Lorain. The community really enjoyed our company. The other church groups really looked up to the SMG group because we were very enthusiastic. I also had a really great relationship with Carol, the lady I worked for. I learned on this mission trip that it’s not only about working for others, but also about building relationships with the community. Overall, I had a blast the whole week.

The Lorain County, Ohio, mission trip was my first mission trip and it was definitely one to remember. This week has changed my life in more ways than one. I grew in my faith, made lasting relationships with great people, and learned to serve and involve an entire community. Coming to Lorain has humbled me greatly, opening my eyes to the blessings that we take for granted and showing how to spread the Lord and build God’s kingdom. I can without a doubt say that we left a mark in Lorain, but we won’t stop there. We will continue to serve God as we part our ways, our never breaking bond growing each day.

This week was a really amazing week for me. Being a senior, I was encouraged to take a bigger leadership role, and I’m glad that I was because it pushed me even further out of my comfort zone than I already was. It also meant a lot to me that our group got along so well together, and I got to meet some awesome people whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Before I began my first mission trip, I was a little hesitant as to how it was going to go. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy myself, but happily I was wrong. At the beginning of the week, things moved kind of slowly. But as the week progressed, things started to pick up and I started to have fun. I got to know the other people that I was on the mission trip with. Since I knew most of the people, it helped me with my work and that helped me get my work done faster. I rarely got bored during the day. But most importantly, this whole week strengthened my relationship with God. I further understood that God needs to be the center of your life in order to find happiness. I am glad that I went on this mission trip and it has helped me consider going on another one next year.

For this being my first non-local mission trip, I thought it went very well. I served with a group that mostly dry-walled two rooms. We worked for four days and it was a great experience. I hope I can go again next year.

I had no idea what to expect going to Lorain this year. Because it was my third mission trip, I thought that I knew almost everything that would happen this week, but Lorain surprised me! I have never seen a group mesh as well as this one, which is amazing because I now have 20 new brothers and sisters! With each mission trip, I grow in my faith and this year, it was strengthened and I can’t wait to share it with the community in and around Madison! If you are considering going on a mission trip or sending your child on one, it is worth it! I wouldn’t trade this week for anything; it has become my all- time favorite week of the year!

Being that this was my 3rd mission trip, my original mindset was that I knew what to expect this week. I am glad to say that I was wrong. Throughout the week, I was proven time and time again that this particular mission trip was filled with unexpected surprises. A few examples of this were the community feel of the school we stayed at, the very friendly people of Lorain, and most of all, the chemistry of our SMG group. From day one, we jelled together unlike any other group. From rekindled friendships to brand new ones, this mission trip had easily the most connections between people I had ever witnessed. The bond between people during this trip is my favorite experience and I hope to always keep these relationships intact as I go off to college next year.

When we had our mission trip retreat in May, I thought that I was going to have lots of fun with a few people and not with the entire group. Well, that didn’t happen at all! Everyone meshed together really well. This made us have lots of fun and do some hard work. I didn’t think we would get as much done as we did. This mission trip made a difference not only in serving others, but with my spiritual life too. The talks that we had during church time were really great because we got to talk more in depth about our faith. This mission trip was really great and I really enjoyed myself. I want to thank everyone who helped us go on this mission trip. I would not have wanted to do anything else besides this. This experience was so great that I already have made the decision that I am going next year.

This trip has opened my eyes to a new faith outlook. I’ve realized service looks like different things, from dry walling a community member’s house to sorting clothing at Habitat for Humanity Resale. Also, on the trip, I got to form a relationship with a priest that changed my life. I had only heard about those types of relationships and now I have one. This experience taught me about gratitude and compassion for others and is something I will cherish and expand throughout the rest of my life. The mission trip gave me the opportunity to seriously share my faith, not only with new peers, but with community members in Lorain. After my first mission trip last year, and my second trip to Lorain County this year, I can say the mission trip is my favorite week of the year! Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making this incredible opportunity possible. Blessings to all!

This mission trip was such an amazing opportunity for me and for my faith journey. I had a wonderful experience and I’m very happy that this act of service brought me closer to God and to the incredible people I was able to spend time with during the experience. I was able to see God in ways I couldn’t even imagine possible. The people in Lorain had such positive attitudes even being in the tough situations they were in. I could tell that our presence in the community helped lift their spirits, which was incredibly humbling. I made lifelong connections with all of the people on the mission trip and I’m very excited to spend more time with my new friends. These friendships also branched out to the NEXT STEP leaders as I was with one for the whole trip and we bonded on the worksite. This mission trip was a very moving act of service that not only opened my eyes to different situations in the community, but also led me to meet some pretty amazing people that I didn’t know were missing from my life.

Before coming on this mission trip, I was super nervous and hesitant about coming. This was my first mission trip, so I had no idea what to expect. Looking back on it, this week was so amazing and I can’t believe that I had doubts in the beginning. I met so many incredible people and had such a blast. Not only did I strengthen my relationship with the people around me, but I strengthened my relationship with God. I was able to grow in faith with my peers and explore the Catholic Church in ways that I never even thought of. This trip was an amazing experience for me and I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to serve God and have a great time doing it.

I loved the mission trip. It was a great experience to connect with people within our church. I loved meeting and working with the people in Lorain County as well. There were many opportunities to grow in faith and I took as many as I could to really connect with God. Next Step Ministries does an amazing job at keeping us kids interested and connected with the other churches. I enjoyed the cook out and community day where we could give back and really get to know the community members. Overall, this was my very first mission trip and I’m definitely going to go next year!

Coming on this mission trip, I had high expectations. This was my fourth mission trip and after having just graduated, I wanted one last hurrah with these friends. My expectations were surpassed more than I ever could have imagined. I learned so much about my life from the Lorain community. I made so many new friends this week that will make leaving for college in August so much harder, but I learned this week that I just have to take the leap of faith! This has been such an awesome week and I will miss this next summer.

Back in September, I had second thoughts about signing up for another mission trip. My first one was a blast and I learned so much, I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend my last summer away from the 608 for a week. In the end, I signed up and man, am I glad I did so! This past week has been an amazing time. I’ve met so many new friends and strengthened ones I already had. I am so grateful I was able to spend a week with my now second family. While I write this at 7:41am on our way home, I have one thought in my mind—NO REGRETS!

This was my first mission trip and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to participate. I had such an amazing week learning about Lorain and getting to know people in the community. It was incredible to work with people from both the SMG group and other groups and it was so rewarding to see the impact we had on the community. This trip has strengthened my faith and given me so many new friends, which I am so thankful for. This experience helped open my eyes to the impact that even the shortest conversation or the completion of the smallest task can have on a person. I am so grateful for all of the support we had and I hope that I can go on the mission trip again next year.

I loved meeting the community and serving alongside my peers. I felt that the youth of our group and our two partner churches grew in faith and love for God together. It was a truly unforgettable experience that I will forever hold close to my heart. I would like to thank SMG for their prayers and support.

This was my second mission trip and I had so much fun. I really enjoyed how we came together as a group and how much we impacted the community with our help. I also had a great time making new friends.

This was my second mission trip and I had so much fun. I really enjoyed how we came together as a group and how much we impacted the community with our help. I also had a great time making new friends.

It was fun and I thought everyone worked really well with each other. I enjoyed working for the Habitat for Humanity resale and directly impacting a large group of people.

This was my first mission trip and I had an amazing experience. I met so many interesting community members including police officers, firefighters, little children and their families, and the staff of Next Step Ministries. Throughout the week, I bonded really well with my group and I formed friendships that will last beyond the mission trip. Serving a community that really needed it showed me how important community service is. I enjoyed spending a week of my summer serving and helping the community of Lorain. I am looking forward to going on another mission trip next year.