Room Parents


At the end of each school year, parents are asked to volunteer to be a room parent for their child's grade the following year. Room parents assist teachers throughout the year by organizing classroom parties, recruiting parent volunteers for classroom activities, and assisting parents with questions they might have about school issues. Each class is assigned two room parents to aid in implementing class, school, or Home & School Association projects. These parents assist at class parties, field trips, emergency phone calling and other activities.


2013-2014 Room Parents
Grade Teacher Room Parents
K Curley Marilee Jessup, Sarah Lawn
K Grochowski Anne Hutton, Jennifer Carter
K Roche Lorrie Lipe, Cheri Ress
1 Gebhart Julie Corrigan, Michelle True
1 Wegner Donna Carlson, Kristin Ruprecht
2 Arthur Sue Lanz, Pat Livelli
2 Silverwood Becky Appleby-Sparrow, Sheila Wenger
3 Barker Carrie Hanson, Jenny Sheahan
3 Miller Norma Meier, Erin Delaney
4 Colas Karisa Trudgeon, Sarah Roy
4 Dove Andrea Peterson, Jennifer Vosberg
5 Jones Bernie Albright, Dawn Hildebrand
5 Mortensen Mary Ellen Bohm, Sara Brown
6 Fleming Gretchen Karnosky, Bridget McGuire
6 Hovland Lora Ring, Amy Spangler
7 Falley Terri Kysely, Jodi Jensen
7 Palzkill Becky Jenn
8 Fallon Laurie Fleuette, Anne Luebke
8 Riese Ann Green, Colleen McAllister